The Perfect Runner’s body

Not only did Lydia captain our record breaking team at The Speed Project in , she’s an elite marathon runner from New Zealand who finished 20th at the New York Marathon in On top of this, Lydia is a multiple national champion on the track, co-founder of mental health run club One Step , and a run coach. Lydia is currently based in Los Angeles, California. You can connect with Lydia here. Growing up as a runner, I always doubted myself. Not because I doubted my ability to race, or my ability to train. And unfortunately, even as a teenager, I believed that in order to be fast, I had to fall under at least one, if not all of those stereotypes. Running is a beautiful thing.

My oh my how dating has changed over the last 7ish years.

I pretty much hate the holiday. This picture sums up how I feel:. It sounds perfect to me! It has happened. Besides my hatred for the hallmark holiday, I do love me a good holiday themed blog post!

While it is true that during the dating period, we try hard to hide our gross tendencies, this is impossible for runners to do. If you date a runner.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’ll save money because you’re not buying fancy jewelry or the hottest tech gadget. Have you seen this watch? Definitely on my birthday list That’s Oct. They might show up at the bar post-run—albeit sweaty, stinky and glistening with sweat. Because who doesn’t love to push your body to its limits while on vacation? It’s actually more fun to get out for a run in a new city—more exploring!

You’ll be found at various points along the course, ideally, with a cowbell and clever motivational sign. Your love goes to the ends of the earth. Your S.

20 Things You Know When You’re Dating a Runner

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile. When you chance upon a marathon runner with a toned body, tanned skin, strong legs, sweaty hair, and a race medal hanging around the neck, it is easy to develop a crush almost instantaneously. But before you let your emotion take control and drag you to cloud nine, guard and protect yourself, do not let yourself fall too deep.

Dating a runner is not a bed of roses.

Some of you might know her from her blog Hungry Runner Girl. episode we talk about running, walking through a divorce, post divorce dating and marriage.

I told you I would give you some details about dating in my Top 10 favorite things about being single post so here ya go…. I started dating in December. Every person and every situation is so different but for me I felt like I should at that time and the people in my life that knew what my situation had been and what I had been through completely supported me in this decision.

Some reasons I felt like dating again…. It got me out of my basement. Brooke was going to bed at 7 every night and I just needed to be out and distracted. It helped me to move on and to realize that there are a lot of really really really amazing people out there.

What It’s Really Like Dating All Types Of Runners

Over the last year, I have experimented in my single-dom by dating throughout the spectrum between fellow runners and non-runners. I always try to encourage the people I date to join me for 3- to 4-mile runs. I had successfully convinced one prospect to go for these short runs with me on weekends when he decided that he could do more. He promptly signed up for a half marathon one that I had already signed up for.

However, when it comes to dating, I’m open to dating you, but I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t run who really gets my running habit. In.

We runners are lovely people but you seriously should think twice before dating us. Running is great, runners are awesome, dating runners is not. On the outside we may look physically fit and attractive. We run off our stress meaning we often have a positive attitude. But deep down, we are hiding many dirty secrets. At first we plan our outfits. Or we throw on some socially acceptable combination of clothing before going to meet you. Over time, that will fade.

Because there are so many of them. Yes we clean. We might even move the shoes into another room. No matter what we do, our homes always smell vaguely shoe-y. This means we will often be late. You heard 5K run.

Perks of dating a distance runner

Dating is tricky to navigate for the average person. But for ultrarunners, it is like trying to get through an obstacle course blindfolded. Amiright, laaaaaadies?

I told you I would give you some details about dating in my Top 10 favorite things about being single post so here ya go I started dating in.

Dear non-runner who wants to date a runner,. In past relationships I have chosen to overlook that difference for fear of being too picky. Me: I went for a run on a cool new trail I just found! Non-runner: Ew, that sounds terrible! The next thing you need to understand about us is that sleep is super important.

Like, we might hurt you if you keep us from going to bed at the night before an important race. Oh, and this reminds me…. She is now faced with the unpleasant task of waking up to run before work, just a few hours after she fell asleep. Maybe ask us about running. Even if it sounds to you, like an awful thing to do, make a little effort to understand why we love running so much.

An Ultrarunner’s Guide to Dating Outside the Species

Date a girl who runs. Date a girl who chooses to move than to let the world pass her by. She will cover the roads with you while talking about the mundane to the profound without gasping for air. She will notice and appreciate the little things: the extra cushioning of her shoes, the softness of the pavement vs concrete, or how much cooler it is to run 30 minutes earlier in summer. Take her to a race and be there with her 30 minutes before gun start.

I mean sure dating a runner may not seem like the brightest idea. will need to finish that pasta for your girl, despite being already super-full.

Sarah Lavender Smith January 29th, My friend and I were nearly three hours into a Saturday-morning run through the redwoods in the Oakland hills. My friend also happens to be a guy and attractive. Alone in the wilderness over miles of singletrack, he and I talked enthusiastically about training and the nuances of ultramarathon preparation. Suddenly he stopped abruptly, looked at his watch and dropped an F-bomb.

His voice had an edge of hostility that alarmed and saddened me. Their marriage is in trouble , I thought to myself. Is mine, too?

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